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A Healthy Life Starts with a Healthy Mindset cont'd​

The Growth Mindset:

This is the flexible mindset. It sees difficulties, even failures as a challenge to learn more and to grow. Consequently this mindset is active. 

With a growth mindset, your attitude is always: "there is a solution to this. I just have to find it" or "well that did not work so back to the drawing board. I obvlously need to learn more about this". 

When we develop an attitude of curiosity, that is always looking for new things to learn, there is no doubt that we will grow in wisdom and skills. 

Consequently it will be so much easier to achieve our goals and dreams - whether they be to lose weighr, become heathier, happier, finally secure and/or more productive in life.

We will face every challenge with the attitude: "I can do this. I just need to learn more". 

We understand and believe whole-heartedly that skill is something we can develop. We are not stuck with any "lot in life". In fact we can create our own "luck" by learning, growning and placing ourselves in the paths of opportunities.

Consequently it is easier to stay faithful to the daily discipline of practising, exercising and staying on track with our routines.

This is because we believe that we CAN change and we CAN develop the skills we need to succeed in our chosen path of life. Our daily routines are a part of the process, and can even become a daily adventure.

So how DO YOU train your brain to develop a Growth Mindset?

It starts with deliberately taking notice and recognizing your thought patterns. 
After all you cannot solve a problem before you recognize and accept that the problem exists right?

When you were reading about the Fixed and Growth Mindsets, which one did you find yourself nodding to as you read? That is your present predominate mindset. This is your starting point. 

Now deliberately make yourself aware of your reactions and thinking patterns when you face life's situations.

Do you hear yourself saying:"I can't do that"?

Just add the "Magic Word". What word is that? "Yet"!
So now you would say: "I can't do that yet".

The word "yet" changes everything. It gives you hope. You are not stuck in a pit, you are moving forward on a path to success! You WILL overcome your present challenges!

Life WILL get better, but not by itself. You are learning to take the path that leads to the "clearing" where you can leave the Forest behind. 

The word "yet" also inspires you to try again. Now you are not giving up!

Recently saw a post on Social Media that gave an acronom for FAIL: 

First Attempt in Learning. 
I like that don't you? 

So the key is: Keep on learning, and don't stop until you succeed. Then challenge yourself to go higher!

Do this consistently, and you will discover your thought patterns are changing and together with them your mindset is changing!

You are now developing a
"Growth Mindset"!