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​​​​​​​Mindset for Living

Healthy Mindset - Healthy Life

A Healthy Life Starts with

a Healthy Mindset

The Fixed Mindset:

This is the mindset that causes you to believe that you can never change.

"You are just like your Dad or your Uncle in this area of your life",  your mind tells you. 

"You will never change" - it says. 

If you were "born" to succeed you are "in luck" but if you were not - then you will always have an excuse for failing.

Worse still, you will not have a reason to try again and again until you DO succeed. Why should you? After all, this is your "lot in life", right?

These tend to be the patterns of the fixed mindset. It is very passive. 

The fixed mindset goes through life playing the blame game.

As we have already noted, it comes with a passive attitude.

I would hear these comments in Mexico all the time:

"I have always been like that" or "It's just the way I am".

Have you ever had thoughts like that? If so - here's some GOOD NEWS. 

You do not have to stay stuck where you are.

You CAN change! 

It IS possible to change and develop a Growth Mindset.

Have you have been trying to build an online business, lose weight, feel better or all of the above, yet so far nothing you have tried seems to work?

Frustrating right? I know what it is like.

So you think to yourself:

"I am following the wrong programs"  or "I just don't have what it takes".

Well, you definitely DO have what it takes. You just may not be building your "house" on the right foundation. I know it has taken me months of failure before I forced myself to stop, regroup and look at my foundations. 

Yes, you MAY be following the wrong programs, or it may just be that your foundation needs a makeover.

What foundation is that?  Your mindset. The truth is all successful achievement in life really does start with your mindset. Once you get that right, you will KNOW whether you are following the right programs, strategies etc or not. 

Thanks to Carol Dweck for her dedicated research in the field of mindset, we have some guidelines.

Carol has established two major mindsets that will determine yours and my success or lack of success.

What are they?

The Fixed Mindset and the Growth Mindset.